Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Gold Star

Okay, so I officially forgo a gold star in parenting for yesterday. Well, the whole day wasn't a wash, but did you ever have one minute in a day that makes you feel like you've failed for the whole day? Or a lifetime for that matter.

I screamed at my kids because two were crying for seemingly no reason and I couldn't take it anymore. I even swore. It was loud enough that my husband came in from outside. AHHHHH!!! One moment. I feel like such a failure. Not true my husband claims.

The moment passed. Screaming made me feel worse. I calmed things down. Apologized to my kids with tears in my eyes. (Yes, mommy makes mistakes too. Probably more than you.) And we moved on. But I still feel awful for yesterday. I suppose the good things is we made it to another day.

There is always a new day, or a new hour or minute for that matter. Maybe that's what I need to take away from this . . . I don't have to wait for tomorrow to start over. Every minute is a new opportunity.

Oh, and that gold star. Maybe I didn't get one for perfect parenting, but I think apologizing and showing kids that mommy is human sure deserves something!

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carla said...

Ive already had that kind of a morning here.

Im clinging to your post...