Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hats off for Improvising

I really didn't want to make dinner today. It's not that it was a bad day, but I just didn't want to think or referee the kids while I attempted to cook something. But . . . (and here's the catch) I didn't want to spend money on eating out either. What's a mom to do?

I went home and got salmon out of the freezer. They were supposed to be salmon fillets (as marked) but they were boneless steaks. (that's what I get for having groceries delivered) I decide to grill them, but they were too thick, so I began to cut them. They fell apart. I don't mean a corner here or there. I mean disintegrated. Wanting to give up, but not wanting to order out now, I stuck with it. I spread the chunks of salmon on a baking sheet, seasoned and broiled. All came out well. It wasn't pretty, but we ate it.

And I am grateful. I am grateful for food; not just food, but luxury food like salmon. I am grateful I have options. I am grateful I have a beautiful family to feed. (I guess I am feeling a bit mushy at the moment)

So, we plan, we improvise, we conquer. We are mothers. And a gold star for you and all the ways you improvise every day!

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